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. welcome to Internal Art: the way of self-cultivation. you will find information on chi kung, meditation, healing, and fighting here in this site.  please bookmark this page because news, updates, new features, and announcements are posted here.

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.bookmark this page now. a new article will be up every  2 weeks. i'm planning to update this site as often as possible.

. since all practices found here in this site utilize breathing method (chi kung).  please take time to read the "things you should know before practicing chi kung" below before your practice.

What is internal art?

.  Internal art is the art of utilizing internal energy, chi, for various applications. It is the "essence" behind martial, healing, spiritual, and meditation arts.

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.  Chi is the Chinese term for this energy. Chi can be translated as air, breath, or energy. It cannot easily be seen, but yet easily felt. It is the momentum life-force in the universe. Without it, there would be no life. It animates us and other life forms. It determines the health of an individual. If you are lacking or have stagnant chi, you will feel ill. Without chi you will die. So the term chi can literally translate as "the breath of life". Although the term chi is in Chinese, the Chinese are not the only culture that aware of this energy. The Sanskrit term for chi is Prana, Ki in Japanese, Pneuma in Greek, and Ruach in Hebrew. The Polynesian called it Mana, while they called it Barraka by the Islam.



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This site consists of this main page where updates, new features, and announcements can be found. Then it is divided into 3 areas, the Art of Meditation, the Art of Healing, and the Art of Fighting. Although I have separated them into 3 sections, they are all interrelated and act as a whole, covering the 3 main aspects of Internal Art.
.In the Art of meditation, you will find information from breathing to microcosmic orbit meditation.
.In the Art of Healing, materials such as standing chi kung, self-healing, and energy healing will be covered.
.While the above 2 areas cover the Yin aspect of Internal Art, you will find how to express internal energy through physical movement, the Yang aspect, in the Art of fighting. Thus, when all these areas of study are combine, it will balance and harmonize the practitioner's physical and spiritual side, making the practice of Internal Art wholesome and complete.

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In each area, I further subdivided it into sections. Each section will discuss a specific topic. After each discussion, exercises related to the discussion will be given. Since I rearranged the topics from the basic fundamental to the  more advance level, exercises after each topic should not be skipped! Because each exercise is built on the experience gained from the last exercise, skipping an exercise will render you in a blindfolded position. Overtime, you will not have the ability to go on because your foundation is lacking. After each section, a research link will take you to other WebPages that contain the same or related topic, so that you can research the same topic with different people's perspective. I will also put a keyword search following the links, so you could do research on your own in the Web. Then a recommended book section will give you title of books for further in-depth reading and research.

please read these before your practice

click here to see Things to know before practicing chi kung 

click here to see The 5 phases of Internal art practice

click here to see The Closing form

click here to see The Little Heaven

click here to see The Taoist approach to immortality


  The following are some brief descriptions of the 3 main area of studies.

-the art of meditation-

Generally, when people think of meditation, they only think of it as a relaxation technique. Little do people know that meditation can also increases your vitality by strengthening the body. From the practice of meditation, you will learn how to use your mind to control and circulate chi, thus helping you to manage your energy more effectively and efficiently. It is from meditation that Inner Transformation takes place, transforming "The Three Treasures" from Chi to Jing, then Jing to Shen, the spiritual energy.
The methods from beginning meditation that calm your mind, opening of the Microcosmic Orbit channel, to transformation of Jing to Shen are discussed in this page.

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-the art of healing-

In healing, chi is what gives you the power to heal. So it is very important to first understand the quality and property of chi. Together from the methods learned from "the Art of Meditation", you will learn the "Three Internal Harmonies", uniting the Heart with the Mind, the Mind with the Chi, and finally the Chi to Power.
Methods such as Tree Standing (standing chi kung), self- healing, to energy healing are discussed here.

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-the art of fighting-

Internal energy is the power behind Chinese martial arts. In attacking, chi adds bone-shattering power behind each strike. In defense, it gives you the power to deflect or neutralize a fatal blow. Cotton Palm, Cotton Stomach, Iron Palm, and Iron Shirt are good examples of specialized martial skill using internal energy.
Because a large amount of martial skill has developed over time, even a single side-kick has at least ten to fifteen variations between different schools and styles. Listing of all techniques would be repetitive and time consuming. Besides, each person has his/her own way of executing each technique and method. So "Principle" rather than "Method" is emphasized here. In here you will also learn the "Three External Harmonies". When practice together with the "Three Internal Harmonies", they become what the internal school called" The Six Harmonies".

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