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Generally, when people think of meditation, they only think of it as a relaxation technique. Little do people know that meditation can also increases your vitality by strengthening the body. From the practice of meditation, you will learn how to use your mind to control and circulate chi, thus helping you to manage your energy more effectively and efficiently. It is from meditation that Inner Transformation takes place, transforming "The Three Treasures" from Chi to Jing, then Jing to Shen, the spiritual energy.
The methods from beginning meditation that calm your mind, opening of the Microcosmic Orbit channel, to transformation of Jing to Shen are discussed in this page.


table of contents

  1. normal breathing and reverse breathing online

  2. breathing exercise online

  3. meditation postures online

  4. 100 counting breathe meditation online

  5. fire in the belly coming soon

  6. chi follows the mind exercise

  7. body breathing

  8. body breathing exercise

  9. microcosmic orbit-  the little heaven

  10. opening the heaven  step by step exercise

  11. managing sexual energy

  12. fire and water meditation-  transforming jing to chi


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1.  In the first discussion, lets talk about breathing. The importance of "the breath" is self-evident. We can go weeks without food, days without water, but only mintues without breath. If we regulate our diet, we can improve our health. If we regulate our breath, not only we can improve our overall well-being, but we can build a strong body that is free of diease and illness. We can also use the breath to calms ourselves, raise our spirit, help us meditate, and reunite ourself with the Tao.

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China Qigong Net,

Internal Strengh Magazine,

Qi Journal,

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recommended readings: Root of Chinese Qigongthe way of qigong

2. Meditative posture: learn more about the three major meditation postures: standing, sitting, and the seated pose. See which one best suit you for your meditative purpose.

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3. Counting breath meditation: after learning the breathing method and the mediation posture, we will put the two together and beginning our meditation. This simple but effective meditation technique helps us calm our "monkey mind" and increase our concentration.

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Insight Meditation Online

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recommended reading: Tao of Meditation: Way to Enlightenment

 Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body: Gain Lifelong Vitality



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