Wu-Chi   to Tai-Chi

The constant interaction of Yin and Yang is called Tai-Chi. Tai-Chi comes from Wu-Chi, the Void or Emptiness. Wu-Chi is what Taoists described as "Pre-Heaven", the state of Emptiness, which existed before the creation of the universe. We will represent it as an empty circle. wuchi.gif (172 bytes)

From Wu-Chi, the separation of Yin and Yang toke place. Then the Yin and Yang is set in motion, creating Tai-Chi. Represented as : taichi.gif (212 bytes)

Then the Tai-Chi is divided into the "Two Poles", two opposite yet complementary elements. Now we can differentiate Yin from Yang, night from day, cold from hot, and black from white, etc. it is represented as:   

yin.gif (116 bytes)on the left side (Yin), and yang.gif (107 bytes)on the right side (Yang).

This process repeats again within the "Two Poles". Now we have the "Four Signs". Represented as greatyin.gif (128 bytes)Great Yin, lesseryang.gif (120 bytes)Lesser Yang, lesseryin.gif (121 bytes)Lesser Yin, and greatyang.gif (114 bytes)Great Yang (the new line is stacked from bottom to top because it is built on its foundation, the bottom line). Now we can differentiate: sunrise, day, sunset, and night. Hot, warm, cool, and cold. Spring, summer, fall, and winter. North, east, south, and west. Black, white, and grays, etc.

Then this process repeats again into Pa-Kua, the "Eight Trigrams". The 8 trigrams are: 1.gif (169 bytes)2.gif (161 bytes)3.gif (161 bytes)4.gif (152 bytes)5.gif (165 bytes)6.gif (154 bytes)7.gif (153 bytes)8.gif (145 bytes)

Earth, Mountain, Water, Wind, Thunder, Fire, Lake, and Heaven respectively.

Then this creative process repeats again into the 64 Hexagrams of the I-Ching.

A Hexagram is any two combinations of the Trigram.

iching.gif (17396 bytes)

This creative process repeats again and again, not just ten thousand times, nor a million times, but continuously subdividing itself into infinity. As this process gets closer to the infinite, the numbers of division get so large that it renders itself into meaningless, chaos form. The numbers gets so large that it is inconceivable and beyond our human consciousness.

We called this inconceivable formless form - Wu-Chi.

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