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welcome to the art of healing

In healing, chi is what gives you the power to heal. So it is very important to first understand the quality and property of chi. Together from the methods learned from "the Art of Meditation", you will learn the "Three Internal Harmonies", uniting the Heart with the Mind, the Mind with the Chi, and finally the Chi to Power.
Methods such as Tree Standing (standing chi kung), self- healing, to energy healing are discussed here.


table of contents

  1. principle of yin and yang online

  2. standing online

  3. standing exercise (posture 1)  online

  4. new cultivating the chi  online

  5. standing posture 2 with grounding coming soon

  6. absorbing and projecting chi

  7. standing with tree

  8. 5 elements and the yin yang

  9. graphing the 5 element table

  10. acupuncture

  11. simple chi healing (single hand)

  12. diagnosis and treatments

  13. intermediate healing (double hands)



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1. Before we can jump into Chi-healing, we need to understand the properties of Chi first. We need to know the principle of yin and yang, and the 5 elements in order to diagnosis and treat the patient. Please read the "Wu-Chi to Tai Chi" page first, since it explained the creation of yin and yang from Tai- Chi.

to wu chi & tai chiclick here for "Wu-Chi to Tai-Chi"

principle of yinyangclick here for discussion 1

research links: the 5 elements,

yin and yang

      keyword: tai chi, wu chi, yin yang, i ching, 5 elements, pa kua, ba qua.

  recommended readings: Root of Chinese Qigong,

Acupuncture Medicine: Its Historical & Clinical Background,

Cultivating the Ch'I: The Secrets of Energy & Vitality,

Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine,

Yellow Emperor's Classic of Medicine: A New Translation of the Neijing Suwen with Commentary.


2. "Standing Post", or "Tree Standing" is the backbone of internal practice. It is from standing practice that one can learn to open the energy blockages and cultivate chi. Without the cultivation of chi, your internal practice will be empty. Standing gives you the opportunity to reconnect with your body. In standing, you learn to observe your inner body. You are standing in a position with minimal obstruction between your meridians, thus enhancing the chi flows.

standingclick here for discussion 2

posture.gif (838 bytes)click here for standing exercise


research links:

key words: zhan zhuang, chi kung, tree standing, standing meditation, rooting, grounding.

recommended readings: Iron Shirt CHI Kung I,

Xing Yi Nei Gong,

Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body: Gain Lifelong Vitality,

  Way of Energy: A GAIA Original.


3.  The reason i put Chi cultivation here is that it is the utmost importance factor in chi-healing. Chi cultivation is perhaps the most important aspect of internal art. One can certainly say that it is one of the keys to the Tao. In fact, the ancients term for chi kung is Tao-Yin, which means "leading to the way".

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here is a list of acupuncture points and their applications


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